October 12, 2010


The Makati Underground Walkway is the best place to shoot but apparently guards will end up chasing and child's play ensues. Even though our excuse for it is --- "it's for a project." Well, technically, it is.

The name, David Guison, might or might not sound familiar to all of you but if you do know this name, you can one way or another recognize that this guy is a Tumblr and Lookbook Superstar.

Come on, his blog has the freshest layout there is.

Ranking #16 in the famed site Lookbook.nu out of almost 8,000 users in the Philippines is honestly quite a feat. Moving on to his Tumblr account: DG MNL (http://davidguison.tumblr.com) he has over 3,300+ followers. Though he's saying that it's kind of depressing that no one "reblogs" his posts on Tumblr, he gets a minimum of 20+ notes per post! Just having started his Tumblr account just June of last year (though he has been blogging since his highschool days) this average number of notes and his number of followers is something beginners of the blogging platform just aspire for.
But this guy doesn't have just the looks and the style. He was the photographer for an up-and-coming online shop, the Amazing Playground, which tells us that this guy clearly has both aesthetics and talent.
Asking who is/are his style icons, he can't possibly give just one answer. His style inspirations are a lot of mix from Kanye West and James Dean to bloggers/lookbookers like Pelayo Diaz, Andreas Wijk, Gerard Valldeperas, Thomas Mudra, Sacha Dumain, Carlos Conception and the like. But just with his wide range of style icons his style is always changing and different. But as of now, he's into the whole grunge-edgy look from the combinations of Combat Boots + Military/leather/varsity jackets + denim. But in terms of buying practical things, he gives out the tip the one should always stick to the basics from plain shirts and polos that will come a long away.

"I’m all for the classics. I just wear whatever I think looks good on me; as much as possible, I try to look my best all the time."

We asked him his most viewed blogs and he gives out his style icon's, one of the many, blog: Carlos Conception's Kingdom of the C. Meanwhile, his favorite female blogger is from New Zealand, Laura Allard Freischl of PonyHunter.

"I saw her blog and I keep checking it every single day. She’s so hipster, it’s amazing." -David on Laura of PonyHunter

And maybe that's what we saw in David for us to go out of our way and convince him to be our October 2010 Feature. There's just so much David can share and the people who follow him just goes to show that he is making sense and that he is making an influence to those who look up to him. For him not to be featured is a mistake we'd rather not commit. --theSDAproject


  1. This feature's wonderful! And he has such awesome style!

  2. this is a famazing feature!

    i love david!


  3. love the Mini Stop (or 7-11?) shots! Go Dave!

  4. My favorite male blogger. He inspires me to stick into blogging. :)