July 31, 2010

Dainty Lace and White Fringe

Angel Maganto

Lace and fringe are the trends we keep on seeing in school, whether worn together in one outfit or not, these two trends will forever be a fashion go-to when it comes to dressing up.


Izabelli Selma

Tie-dye is a process of resist dyeing textiles or clothing which is made from knit or woven fabric, usually cotton; typically using bright colors. Tie-dyeing became fashionable in the West in the late 1960s and early 1970s as part or rather the highlight of hippie style.

Style/DIY Tip:
DIY is the best way to revamp your old clothes! Get your white shirt or any plain old colored shirt in your closet that you barely wear, pick out a color that compliments your shirt, tie your shirt using rubber bands, then soak it with the color of your choice around 3 hours or overnight. If you want to dye a denim top, use bleach. Balance of a loud tie-dyed shirt with neutral pieces.

July 30, 2010

The Power of Patricia Fields

Way before Gossip Girl there was Sex and The City, it was considered as the most inspiring and fashion forward show on TV. The show should be thankful to Patricia Fields, the SATC's stylist who made women from all over to dress up, express themselves through clothes and never be afraid of fashion. (Patricia Fields had worked as a stylist to a lot of shows and movies like Ugly Betty, The Devil Wears Prada and Confessions of a Shopaholic) One proof of SATC's inspiration to the fashion industry is the iconic script necklace worn by Carrie Bradshaw in one of the episodes.

July 29, 2010

Elegant Lace

Isabelle Silverio Dee

There had been a lot of failed attempts on wearing lace, either there's too much of it or the type of lace on you looks like you're bridezilla. Of course, nobody wants that and the technique is to just wear one lace item at a time. May the lace be on your blouse, shoes, or leggings -- never wear them all at the same time. They are not just for intimate wear and colored lace can almost always give you that sexy yet trendy feeling once worn.

July 28, 2010

Korean Fashion in SDA

Hayeon Choi, Nicole Lim, Lina Banik, Lee Dong Eon (Colin), Ji Yeun Seuk and Sharlene Kim Brown

It's either laidback cool style or K-Pop fun for these stylish Koreans.
Admit it, they have swept the country and campus by storm with their style and quirkiness, but there's something in each Korean that makes them standout that even we can't tell. The trick to get this look? It's just that simple formula of a splash of color and a dose of quirkiness or add a stylish twist on your get-up, like a sexy dress paired with kick-ass sneakers or a masculine ensemble with some sky-high heels. Just remember, it's the confidence that makes the outfit!

Style Tip:
Lazy morning? Take this formula from K-Fashion: start building your outfit with leggings, throw on a vest, a dress and some unique accessories like a name necklace or the most colorful pair of shoes you can find. Just make sure, everything is balanced and clean!

July 26, 2010

Fear Lanphear

Liana Recto

While Elle Magazine's Fashion and Style editor, Kate Lanphear, chooses to contrast her platinum blond shaved haircut with an all-black, androgynous ensemble most of the time, we see this fashionista doing the exact opposite of the style pioneer's signature look! An edgy style like this needs a devil-may-care attitude that holds true to the rough yet classic philosophy of the Kate Lanphear.


"It's where I keep all my things. Get a lot of compliments on this. Plus it's not a purse, it's called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one." --- Zach Galifianakis' eternally funny line from the Hangover is what I remember when I see satchels around the campus. Well, of course, this is one sensible alternative if wearing a backpack would just ruin the entire look for you. Satchels are originally meant for the English schoolboy. A bag where he could place all his books. Now they have become stylish bags with more purpose than just that.

July 25, 2010

Sketch Sunday: Fringe

What I like about fashion is the constant reinvention of trends. Flapper dresses are now getting back on the runway and other 20s trends as well. From Zac Posen to local designer, Yako Reyes' bags from Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010. And the fringe trend is now getting on the retail bandwagon, making it as accents on tie-dyed shirts, fringe necklaces and even Balmain-esque jackets like what Rosanna of Little Miss Dress-Up worn here.

Mega post on fringe next time, Korean mega post tomorrow!

Denim Blues


Spring 2010 was the season where everything denim (skirts, vests, dresses, everything!) was the fad! Denim was reinvented from Louis Vuitton's denim dress, Erin Wasson x RCVA's overalls to Chloe's denim on denim ensemble.

Style Tip:
Don't be afraid to wear denim on denim. Pick out two different denim washes that compliments each other. Accent it with brown belts and/or boots, or with even your toughest leather jackets.

July 22, 2010

Pins, Needles And Staple Wires

Erika Jan Abituna

Anyone can immediately assume that that striped top is either from Topshop, Zara or a high-end store and what not. But let me surprise you that it isn't, it's from a thirft shop and she just sewed on those appliques! Take it from the queen of everything DIY, Mary Kate Olsen went out with a DIY-ed stapled top, so bring out those pins, needles and staple wires! Always think that you have nothing to lose in experimenting, make any old dress new again by chopping off and shortening the hemlines, make your old pair of pants into rock n' roll chic cut-offs, the list is endless. But don't forget, any DIY piece will look good if you wear it with confidence. And that perfect splash of accessories, of course.

Style tips:
Believe it or not, guys should DIY too! Style-blogger Izzy of The Dandy Project is one perfect example. Visit his site and see more of his DIY projects such as a painter jacket, slashed pants and nuts & bolts necklace for example.

July 21, 2010

Mr. Brightside

Mik Fernandez

It really does take a bold person to wear a very loud and bright color, on a pair of pants at that. Guys veer towards the neutral and safe colors but having that one item in your outfit which provides the zest of color makes you stand out in a good way. Improper combination of colors and an overkill of technicolored items must be avoided at all costs.

July 20, 2010

Black Leather

Locks and Keys

Femme Fatale

Jill Tanig

Red Lips? Check. Eye-catching clothing? Check. Sexy high heels? Check. Great permed hair? Check. This look is for the certified femme fatale but with a modern twist thanks to those studded heels. First seen in the Givenchy Fall 2009 Shoe Collection this studded trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Be absolutely glam and alluring while wearing this get-up.

July 19, 2010


Sid Jang

Feeling lazy to dress up everyday? What I can suggest is stick to the minimalist style, the safest, chicest and laziest style to go to school. Stick to greys, whites and blacks to get that minimalist and monochromatic look, if that's not enough, throw on some accessories to get that Kate Lanphear's sophisticated look. Or if you like color, you can wear a bright colored outfit with clean lines like what Camille of ChildhoodFlames did here. As for inspirations from known brands, take a cue from the lookbook of A/W 2009 Collection of Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony.

Style tips:
If a monochrome ensemble doesn't feel that good to you or might sound to boring, just put on some simple, classic accessories like a good old watch or a statement shoes.

A/W 2009 Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

July 18, 2010

Sketch Sunday: The Korean Fad

You can't deny that a country with their own Vogue and Nylon is simply influential to the global fashion industry. Jump starting their influence here in the Philippines with their music, now the Koreans are influencing how we dress, a perfect mix of classics and pops of color. Want more korean fashion goodness? Visit: THEXOXOKIDS, a blog dedicated to everything  korean from partying with a perfect splash of fashion, or check out this nautical inspired spread of Anja Rubik by Nagi Sakai for Vogue Korea, styled by Ye Young Kim.

A mega post on Koreans spotted on SDA next time!
Illustration by Lorenz Namalata
Photo via The XOXO Kids

July 17, 2010

The Highs and the Lows

Stilettos, Pumps and Gladiators

Style Tip:
Heels give that extra "oomph" to your outfit but walking to and around the SDA building with super high stilettos will kill your feet. Plan on wearing heels to school? Better stick with either a low stiletto heel or a pair of comfortable platforms.

Featured On Philippine Daily Inquirer

We can't thank Ms. Rosanna Aranaz enough for choosing to feature us in her weekly column in 2BU! in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. This is a huge leap for us as this blog is only sixteen days old! The four of us would like to thank you for your time, checking out our blog daily and we hope that, little by little, you have been inspired by our features and photographs and that we've contributed towards a better outlook on personal style. Thank you so much! -Bjorn, Esme, Lorenz and Lyka

July 16, 2010

Sweet Sophistication

Regg Macasiray

A pair of Penny loafers, a vintage print and lace top and a silk skirt are three pieces one cannot easily pull off. An epitome of Chloe's Fall 2010 RTW Collection (consists of beige, browns and other neutral, earth colored pieces) this vintage top with lace accents paired with a neutral skirt is a formula for a perfect lazy school day outfit.

Style Tip:
Going to wear a vintage printed top? Balance your look by pairing it with neutral or plain pieces. Or if you don't want to play it safe, pair it with an equally loud print with the same design or color scheme so not be too over the top.

Battered and Bleached

Karlo Hernandez

The trend coming from the 80s, the bleached/faded denim is a living proof that trends do come and go. Wear this to school in either a contrasting color with some same color accents as accessories (shown above) or wear it with anything black and grungy

Style Tip:
Wear it with black ankle boots and a simple top to balance off the look and make it look grungy but appropriate for school.

Preppy Like Me

H.H. Lee and Paolo Salgado

Most guys nowadays have a general style. A crisp looking polo shirt or oxford long sleeves paired with cropped pants or bermuda shorts plus, the final touch, topsiders or penny loafers. The best thing about this trend is you can mix and match your choices, you can add your own accessories and it is very easy to pull off! You still end up looking polished and not overdressed. This may seem like the new uniform whichever college you attend, but who's complaining when at least guys look more decent now more than ever? The era of baggy and tacky clothing is already obsolete and we like it that way.

July 15, 2010

Lace Ups

Sneakers, Converse, Boat Shoes and Oxfords