November 30, 2010


Alexandra Cheng

November 24, 2010

A Smile Away

Jessica Gutierrez

Valerie Harley

Mikole Mendoza

November 16, 2010

James Dean Vibe

Marc Schulze

Guys underestimate the need of having a great hairstyle. The common practice for guys is preferring the normal crew cuts and trims when they could opt for a defining hairstyle. The pompadour is a style that's been sported by the likes of James Dean and Elvis Presley. Short on the sides and back, but long enough to be swept in forward and back. Can be worn lazily without excessive use of pomade.

Skirting The Issue

Gaby Gianan

Class Act

Gabe Ojeda

Glasses are a great accessory and they say a lot about a man's character. So finding that perfect pair is crucial because people will comment whether they look good on you or you are better off wearing contacts. It's also about sticking to the classics like the Clubmasters he is sporting reminiscent to a look of Johnny Depp.

November 11, 2010

Boot Camp

Maiko Sy

Erika Mojares

Janine Colon

Janelle Go

Make Her Say

Pathra Cadness

Soft Shock

Melissa Gatchalian

Runaway As Fast As You Can

Andrei Marchadesch

Ryan Atendido

November 10, 2010

Day and Nite

Verns Tan

Grazehl Perez

Denise Chingkiat

It Takes Three To Tango

Patricia Baligod

Lexie Reyes

Isabelle Dee