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A PROJECT, in business and science, is a collaborative enterprise, frequently involving research or design, that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim. A project originally means "something that comes before anything else happens", a plan of something.

In THE SDA PROJECT, the object is you, young college students who exude confidence through your own unique style and fashion statement.

A brainchild of four young De La Salle - College of St. Benilde, School of Design and Arts students, each slowly making their mark in the industry, inspired by everyday people and fascinated by all things related to art - Bjorn Bedayo begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Esme Palaganas, Lorenz Namalata and Lyka Orhel,
THE SDA PROJECT aims to show what SDA students can do, will do and have done in the industry and the society.

Born from a thread on Bjorn's Facebook status, these four bloggers decided to start a project to expose and show the fashion statements, style and talents of DLS-CSB SDA Campus' students, which they believe are not your everyday, typical college students - not afraid of standing out in a sea of people.

THE SDA PROJECT will then showcase students' personal style, each of us roaming the SDA Campus armed with a camera and an eye for amazing fashion statements. It's either we adore your necklace, your shoes, your pants and the like or we just love your look as a whole. Of course, it's not just your photo we aim to have and showcase here but your style icons and inspirations, as well! Every week, we'll feature one style savvy student whose style looks like it just came from the runway or a magazine and show you guys how he/she made something from the runway a look you can rock everyday .

But that's not all. We're not your typical bloggers and we don't like to make this blog as ordinary as well. Every month, we will have a photo shoot, styled, photographed and interviewed by yours truly, with one amazing student from SDA who's making news in or out of school. We'll conduct an interview and feature the photos, the behind-the-scenes and his/her amazing answers here!

Lastly, this blog is about the students, by the students and for the students. We treasure everyone's comments and suggestions, that is why we'll be open for who you think is deserving and fit to be featured here.

Everyone deserves the limelight, let us be your stage.


It is definitely a small world.
And friends? They do wonders. Having acknowledged each other through mutual friends, Lyka Orhel, Lorenz Namalata, Esme Palaganas and Bjorn Bedayo discovered each other works through their respective blogs. Come then 2010, these four met in De La Salle - College of St. Benilde, two taking up Fashion Design & Merchandising the other two taking up Multimedia Arts. The same interests, their love for photography, design and all things related to art, these four young bloggers' paths connected instantly.

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BJORN BEDAYOHe lives by his maxim “carpe diem” – living life to the fullest. Bjorn Bedayo is ayoung fashion and avant-garde photographer of Versa-Vise Productions, a well-known blogger, a style enthusiast, and a life lover. At a young age he has been exposed in the local fashion industry through modeling. He grew passion being behind the lens rather than being in front of it. Fashion and photography became his outlet of expression. Prominent personalities have acclaimed him for his distinct style. He has been featured in different print and online publications such as Manila Bulletin and Style Anywhere. Having collaborated with Lasalle College International students, Onin Lorente of Style Anywhere, The Editions, Bespoke de Levenson Rodriguez, and Fashion Designers Alliance Manila honed this young fashion photographer's skills. Recently, he was nominated in a Malaysia-based website Tongue In Chic’s Style Awards: The Face To Watch Out For 2010. He continues to learn and master the skills in photography and dreams that one day, he’ll be one of the most successful fashion photographers in the country.

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ESME PALAGANAS quotes Peaches Geldof: "I'd rather see a woman dressed in clothes from the Salvation Army than in head to toe Chanel and Dolce, I think fashion is good because its about self-expression.". Once just a young style enthusiast inspired by Edie Sedgwick, Mary Kate Olsen and the punk-rock band Gossip, she's now on her way into the industry by taking up AB-Fashion Design and Merchandising in De La Salle-College of St. Benilde. Blogging for almost 2 years, this young fashion blogger have been featured in the online publication of Candy Magazine; Candmag.com, featured in What A Girl Wants' Weekly Newsletter and have been street snapped by StyleAnywhere. Lately, she interned for Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010 under Runway Productions, collaborated with NY designer Kimberly Taylor, Philippine-based store What A Girl Wants and Teammanila Lifestyle, the lifestyle label of design studio, Team Manila. Currently, she's been busy brewing up a brand. "It's not where you've been but where you're going."

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LYKA ORHEL. A young blooded Filipina who paints with pixels and light to create an image of passion. She is an eighteen year old photographer who fell in love with photography at the age of fourteen and never looked back since. Photography, for her, is a work of art. She aims to freeze a moment and tries to capture it with just one click just before the moment disappears. It was in year 2009, just before graduating high school, when Lyka started working with fashion designers, creative professional team, and international magazines. Shot for Philippine-based fashion labels such as Poisonberry and Vanilla Label, fashion designers like Happy Andrada and Anna Leah Salvador and lastly organizations like Fashion Designers Alliance Manila, School of Fashion and Arts and Philippine Institute of Interior Design. Been featured by Philippine Daily Inquirer as one of Philippines' 5 young creative lensmen and has been recognized as a young promising fashion photographer of 2010. She is currently building her career and repertoire in the industry while studying in one of the premier art school in the Philippines. Above all, she wants to be an inspiration to all the young people to pursue their dreams and never stop believing in themselves.

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LORENZ NAMALATA. He started drawing just for fun. Been drawing, doodling, painting and illustrating as early as he can remember. But little did he know that something he just does for fun will eventually be something he will be serious about. Currently, a freshman at De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde pursuing Fashion Design and Merchandising. His interest for a career in the fashion industry is just but natural since he considers himself creative and a very hands-on person. He has spent summers being an intern at a local website learning the ropes on advertising and lately have spent time being an intern for a prominent local fashion designer, Ms. Sassa Jimenez. Illustrated for Philippine-based fashion blogger Rosanna of Little Miss Dress Up, have been featured on eatsleepdraw, an online art community and lately have been working on illustrations for makeup artists, fellow fashion bloggers and the like. Based on his own experiences, he now believes and stands that men shouldn't be stereotyped in the field of fashion, he plans to have his own local version of Topman because everyone and anyone shouldn't be afraid to show their own style, everyone should be given a chance to feel and look good, regardless of the gender and/or age. Currently, his blazers under his brand, Fifth Code (http://fifth-code.com) had been featured by local men's fashion magazine, Garage.