July 28, 2010

Korean Fashion in SDA

Hayeon Choi, Nicole Lim, Lina Banik, Lee Dong Eon (Colin), Ji Yeun Seuk and Sharlene Kim Brown

It's either laidback cool style or K-Pop fun for these stylish Koreans.
Admit it, they have swept the country and campus by storm with their style and quirkiness, but there's something in each Korean that makes them standout that even we can't tell. The trick to get this look? It's just that simple formula of a splash of color and a dose of quirkiness or add a stylish twist on your get-up, like a sexy dress paired with kick-ass sneakers or a masculine ensemble with some sky-high heels. Just remember, it's the confidence that makes the outfit!

Style Tip:
Lazy morning? Take this formula from K-Fashion: start building your outfit with leggings, throw on a vest, a dress and some unique accessories like a name necklace or the most colorful pair of shoes you can find. Just make sure, everything is balanced and clean!

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