July 22, 2010

Pins, Needles And Staple Wires

Erika Jan Abituna

Anyone can immediately assume that that striped top is either from Topshop, Zara or a high-end store and what not. But let me surprise you that it isn't, it's from a thirft shop and she just sewed on those appliques! Take it from the queen of everything DIY, Mary Kate Olsen went out with a DIY-ed stapled top, so bring out those pins, needles and staple wires! Always think that you have nothing to lose in experimenting, make any old dress new again by chopping off and shortening the hemlines, make your old pair of pants into rock n' roll chic cut-offs, the list is endless. But don't forget, any DIY piece will look good if you wear it with confidence. And that perfect splash of accessories, of course.

Style tips:
Believe it or not, guys should DIY too! Style-blogger Izzy of The Dandy Project is one perfect example. Visit his site and see more of his DIY projects such as a painter jacket, slashed pants and nuts & bolts necklace for example.

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