January 14, 2011

Spotlight: The Second Time Around

The Meet-Up Place: Noriter Cafe, the eccentric, off beat cafe located above Tapa King along Taft Avenue.

If anyone already know this Cafe and will discover it after we post this article will definitely agree that this place is perfect for these two artistic personalities we're featuring this month.

And now we proceed to the first of this terrific duo from SDA that we're talking about, Christine Anabelle Luang or simply, Christine Luang, the 20 year old Third Year Multimedia Student/style blogger.

Christine is one-half of the sister powered fashion blog, The Big Bangs Theory that she runs with Camille Luang, her younger sister who is now studying at University of Santo Tomas. And if you do believe with the saying that "First impression lasts." we will confidently say that their blog will surely leave a strong imprint on your mind.

Their blog, just saying from their layout, is a whimsical, digital art filled, hipster if you want to call it inspired, the colors and almost everything reminds you of an offbeat, cool magazine like Nylon, Paper or Status. But the fun doesn't just end there.

Their style is just a perfect mix of cool, hip and as we want to quote Christine "your-thoughts-don't-matter-I'll-wear-what-I-want-to-wear" vibe. Taking her style inspirations from the likes of Rachel Bilson, Vanessa Hudgens, Alexa Chung, Agyness Deyn and the undone-looking-but-hip-chic kind of people she sees everywhere.

"What I love most about the SDA's environment is that it's very laidback . Its clean and modern environment allows my mind to think of new things, new ways to do something, and imagine infinitely. Also, I don't think it's as hot as other buildings.The weather in Manila is crazy! So just imagine if we had different colored walls or smaller hallways!"
-Christine on School of Design & Arts' environment
In our Internet-consuming generation, everyone loves to share things online, either through their Facebook Status or their tweets but with this topic Christine gives us the reason why she loves blogging among all of this social networking hiatus. She points out that you don't really have to say much to just share something to people. Simply post a photo and from the she says that she can make people feel what she felt or see what she saw. It's a simple sharing of a bit of who she is and what else she can do.

"It doesn't matter if people feel or see differently. Nothing is really made to be understood. I also think that through our blog, I can show people who I am and what I can do."

With our little chat while shooting our other personality and eating Noriter's delicious food, she tells me that College of St. Benilde wasn't really her first choice. Her original plan was to transfer to UST College of Fine Arts but fate as we know it wants something else.

After deciding to transfer to De La Salle - College of St. Benilde SDA, she realizes that most of the good things that's happening to her now will never happen if she was in a different school or if she was with different people. Other than the awesome, cool structure she says, she really was eager to study Multimedia Arts but was surprised it wasn't just about drawing and computer graphics. Though the course's rather intense, "the process of finishing projects", she says, "kills but in the end when you finally see what you have made, it's definitely the best feeling in the world! "

"Art and fashion makes life interesting.
I don't know how I'll get by if I wasn't allowed to dress the way I want to, if I wasn't allowed to draw or if I didn't have Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator! I don't know, I think it just inspires me to think and create differently, to see things in a different perspective and to try to look for perfection in the imperfection."

But I guess, it's not just art and fashion that makes life interesting: it's what we do with those two. Either we create things for other people or we blog and share art and fashion with the rest of our generation. -theSDAproject

Visit Big Bangs Theory on www.bigbangstheory.blogspot.com
Follow Christine on Twitter www.twitter.com/ChristineLuang

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