May 29, 2011


People have asked us why we're not updating as much as before so here are the reasons: (1) we had our Finals we had to attend to, (2) we had our own individual projects, (3) summer was underway and (4) we took part in Philippine Fashion Week. It was Esme's third time to intern for Runway as a PR associate, Lorenz assisted designer Sassa Jimenez for her show, Lyka took backstage photos for Status and Bjorn was Oxygen's correspondent. And with those already behind us, we're committed once again to providing all of our readers the best looks our campus has to offer.

Actually, scratch that. Since we believe more and more people have become fashionable, we're going out of the four corners of the SDA building and we're taking photos of CSB students we see along Taft! This is part of our way of kicking things up a notch since we're about to celebrate our one year anniversary this coming July. TheSDAproject is here to stay and we're more than happy with the support that we have been receiving.

Keep checking in! -theSDAproject

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