July 4, 2010

Flying High.

Zoe Laurente complete the team of three. The three of them represented the student body of the School of Design and Arts, and Zoe motivated KC and Bianca to run for this year. He is the current SDA Head of Internal Affairs in our Student Council. Like Bianca and KC, he's taking up a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. He's the kind of leader who would bring the cheerfulness to the table. Here's our interview with our fun-loving Zoe.

TSP: What inspired you to become a student leader of the School of Design and Arts?
ZOE: I was a member of last year's student council and I kinda talked to KC and Bianca into running for SDA representatives. I decided to work under their office because I still want to continue to help out in the student council and I promised them both that I will continue to help them out with the projects and activities for the SDA student body.

TSP: What are some of the best experiences you’ve had while serving in the Student Council?
ZOE: So far I'd have to say the Frosh Night 2010 held a few weeks ago. I skipped my Frosh Night so this was my chance to finally experience it.

TSP: How would you describe the students in the School of Design and Arts?
ZOE: The School of Design and Arts has a very diverse crowd. I love how you can get away with almost anything without having anyone judge. Everyone is so unique!

TSP: Three words to describe yourself.
ZOE: Fun. Quirky. Fresh.

TSP: Where do you get your daily inspiration?
ZOE: I get my inspiration from everything around me - the arts, watching television, listening to music, and the like.

TSP: Being a student taking up AB in Fashion Design and Merchandising, how would you describe the fashion seen in the SDA?
ZOE: It's like a halo-halo (Yes, I'm talking about the edible one.) You have bits of everything in it! From the cosplay to the skaters, to the high end labels. I like it! It's fun to look at!

TSP: Who are your favorite designers both locally and internationally?
ZOE: Definitely Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs.

TSP: What are some of your favorite brands both locally and internationally?
ZOE: Bench is good for basic stuff. And let's not forget the ever reliable SM Department Store for chic and affordable goods! For foreign brands, I'd go for Old Navy, Zara and Topshop / Topman. Oh, and Forever 21!

TSP: If you were the president of the Philippines for a day, what would you do?
ZOE: This is a hard one but I would have to say implement laws that I think most people would benefit from.

TSP:What’s next for Zoe Laurente?
ZOE: Nothing in particular. Whatever comes my way.

TSP: Any message to the SDA students?
ZOE: I love you! Haha, kidding. Hi!

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